18 comments on “UPDATED: Israeli Soldiers Call for Revenge against Palestinians

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  4. Sickening and sad. Communal hatred between these two groups of people is not surprising, given how they treat each other. But one party in this dispute – the Israelis – is immeasurably more powerful than the other. It has the capacity to carry out its threats. The utter dehumanization of the “other” that is going on here (on both sides) is tragic but, again, not unexpected. What is striking to me is this: I read today that well over a 1000 Palestinian children have been killed by the Israeli military since 2000. It averages to about 1 child every 3-4 days. Given how enraged Israeli Jews have become over the cold-blooded murder of three Israeli teenagers, can’t they see how some Palestinians would have that same rage, except magnified many times over by the fact that far more Palestinian children are killed? If Israel can become so psychotically angry over this event, many Israeli Jews should have no problem understanding how the “other side” might feel the same way. But, of course, to do this requires empathy and the ability to see the other as fully human.

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  6. These trouble makers should be dishonorably discharged from the military for incitement.

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  8. ‘After the bodies of three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped by Hamas militants . . .’

    I have followed this closely, in Jewish, and Middle East media, plus numerous blogs and I have not heard of any evidence that ANY particular persons or group were involved.

    Yes, I read the bit where a burnt out vehicle that had belonged to a Hamas commander, had been found on land owned by somebody who is allegedly a member of Hamas. And not to forget the spent cartridge supposedly found in the vehicle.

    Absolute proof positive that Hamas had nothing to do with it, I would think, unless of course you are of the opinion that Hamas personnel are absolutely stupid.

    But the question that I am asking here, is how did the first line ever pass whoever runs WordPress, how was it allowed to see the light of day?

    All we know is that three Israeli Teenagers have been murdered — hardly world shattering news, surely of little significance to anyone outside Israel — but with no evidence whatever, the first line brands Hamas the killers.

    In such a situation, speculation surely must follow the old ‘follow the money adage’. In this case who stood to benefit, to who is advantaged by these murders?

  9. Jewish Women have impacted my life, via generouusly inducing my intellectual, artistic, and in practical suggestions & delight in my successes.
    In Israel, my Moshavim Farmer was an ‘Apologist’, as my Father had. We adored one another. Later, Euros had been stunned to find that, quote, “Thet talked to you about Politics!”
    I have always felt free to express
    the shockingly mysoginistic, and embittered uneducated,and frankly,
    This is my story, and it will Be Better

  10. What’s the big deal? You see things like this and worse from the Arabs all the time. How about little kids dressed up in mock suicide vests or the three fingered salutes after the kidnappings?

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